Jan 10, 2008

Blessed Art Thou Kabbalah Water

How cool would it be to be rich! I'm telling you, I would buy a warehouse here in San Clemente and fill it with cool motorcycles, maybe a Ferrari or two, and probably build a massive model railroad (because what the hell else would you do with your free time?).

I'd actually keep my life low-key. Small house near the beach, a couple of nice motorcycles, lots of free time to surf, exercise, hang glide, spend time with my wife and kids, etc.

I wouldn't get eccentric though...

But I hear of people who have. Here's a nice example. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Madonna only drinks specially blessed Kabbalah water and that she spends $10,000 a month to fill her and her family's bladders.

We have a Brita water filter in the fridge, and it's nice 'cuz it's cold. I'm really keen on sink water myself. Especially in the bathroom after brushing my teeth. Yum!

Here's a quote from kabbalahwater.com:
The Scientific Evidence

The Kabbalistic blessings and meditations that are used to create Kabbalah Water, for example, bring about elegant and balanced crystalline structures in water, while negative consciousness has an opposite effect. This is hugely important. In a very literal way, Kabbalah Water is life's original blueprint information brought into the modern world.

Just as it did at the first moment of Creation, the growth of every living organism should follow this blueprint. All the metabolic and regulatory processes of life require information -- and because of its unique crystalline structure and fractal design, Kabbalah water is an excellent information transmitter. Positive, health-giving information is defined by symmetry and high energy, while low energy and entropy -- like static in TV or radio reception -- characterize muddled information. Therefore, the condition of the water we take into our bodies determines the quality of the information being transmitted to our immune system, digestive system, circulatory system, and even to every atom of our bodies.

The scientific findings regarding Kabbalah Water are fascinating and important. But the essence and foundation of Kabbalah Water is the consciousness of sharing which infuses it. Once, all the waters of the world were imbued with this consciousness.

Wow... that's some pretty compelling scientific evidence there! Maybe you could just drop a AA battery in your glass of tap water. I'll bet that would have the same effect on the "molecule energy alignment" or whatever and save your a mountain of money!

But for me... I'm sticking with my tap water. It's just fine. Plus... everyone knows that it's the fluoride in my toothpaste that's going to kill me anyways.